Linking your Unity Project to your Online Repository with Git

Claudio Grassi
4 min readMar 18, 2021

Git is the tool we will be using to handle all of our version control operations. We have already created our remote repository on GitHub and created our new Unity project. Our next step is to link our project to said repository, so let’s get started.

We will begin by downloading Git . Once on the site, we can click on on the handy button to download the latest version of the software.

Installation is simple and nothing out of the ordinary as far as apps go on Windows so we will skip this step and get right to the more relevant information.

Once Git is installed on your system, the first thing we will do is to navigate to our project folder using Explorer. Next, we will right click inside the windows explorer window and select GITBASH HERE.

This will open a command line interface.
But why use the command line?! -Same reason it might be smarter to learn to drive with stick-shift instead of automatic transmission. Once you learn how to git bash, using the GUI will be a breeze. Besides, it feels really cool to use command line *wink*

Since we opened the CLI from our project folder, we don’t have to worry about navigating to it. This is probably the quickest way to get going but just in case you find yourself in a different folder you can utilize the cd command to change directory followed by the path you wish to navigate to.

You will be able to see which folder you are in on the application’s header.

$cd c:
User@Desktop-XXXX MINGW64 /c
$cd "unity projects" <--replace folder names with your own.
User@Desktop-XXXX MINGW64 /c/Unity Projects
$cd "new unity project"
User@Desktop-XXXX MINGW64 /c/Unity Projects/New Unity Project

Note: Using quotation…

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